List of cases the F.B.I. should investigate

For now, there are two major cases I am submitting to the F.B.I. and which should be investigated.

Case n°1.

The case of the aggravated frauds and money laundering committed by McDonald‘s Corporation and/or its affialited companies and/or its suppliers. My reference for this case is: REF_ECTHRWATCH_1_McDonalds_frauds_and_money_laundering.

This is a major case for the FBI since combatting transational criminal enterprises and combatting significant white-collar crime are two of the FBI‘s major priorities listed on the United States Department of Justice’s website.

Furthermore, I believe McDonald‘s pressured and/or corrupted, directly or indirectly, French officials and/or French magistrates and/or other people. Combatting public corruption at all levels is another major priority of the FBI.

Case n°2.

The case of the corruption of French officials and interference with the electoral process of the French Republic by Twitter, Inc. and other American companies, and/or their subsidiary companies and/or their suppliers. My reference for this case is: REF_ECTHRWATCH_2_Twitter_corruption_of_foreign_officials.

Read this thread on Twitter to understand what case n°2 is about.

According to the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) and as of April 15, 2022, the “FBI‘s major priorities are to:

  • […]
  • Combat public corruption at all levels.
  • Protect civil rights.
  • Combat transnational criminal enterprises.
  • Combat significant white-collar crime.”