List of cases the F.B.I. should investigate

There are currently two major cases I want to submit to the F.B.I. and which should be investigated.

Case n°1.

The case of the aggravated frauds and money laundering committed by McDonald‘s Corporation and/or its affialited companies and/or its suppliers. My reference for this case is, since December 28, 2022, USA-v-McDonalds-pattern-of-racketeering-activity.

This is a major case for the FBI since combatting transational criminal enterprises and combatting significant white-collar crime are two of the FBI‘s major priorities listed on the United States Department of Justice’s website.

Furthermore, I believe McDonald‘s pressured and/or corrupted, directly or indirectly, French officials and/or French magistrates and/or other people. Combatting public corruption at all levels is another major priority of the FBI.

According to the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) and as of April 15, 2022, the “FBI‘s major priorities are to:

  • […]
  • Combat public corruption at all levels.
  • Protect civil rights.
  • Combat transnational criminal enterprises.
  • Combat significant white-collar crime.”